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Cognisium’s executive marketplace platform presents SMEs with a more flexible way of doing business.

The launch of Cognisium platform.

Thursday, September 10th, 2020 - Cognisium Pty Ltd

PERTH (Australia) – Following the launch of Cognisium Executive Marketplace Platform, businesses now have the flexibility to access a choice of the world’s top executives, when and for as long as required and at the level needed within the organisation. This shifts the paradigm of full-time executives on payroll, to a more flexible and agile way of working. For many smaller, less capitalised businesses, access to the top-level executive expertise a company needs at critical inflection points can often be too time consuming and costly.

Cognisium creates a unique way of thinking for businesses and executives, calling on both to re-imagine the way organisations operate in and adapt to ever changing business climate

Cognisium solves this problem by providing access to a wide pool of executives and senior executives with deep domain expertise, without the need for a full-time commitment and the cost associated with executive recruitment companies. In launching the Cognisium platform, Board Director Dr Dorel Iosif said: “We built Cognisium to help SMEs access the brightest top executives quickly, efficiently and at a competitive rate in order to support their growth and aspirations. Our experts come on-board to work side by side with a client’s team. Their motivation is not to build a career, as they have already done that. Instead, they have a strong desire to share their wealth of expertise to boost the client business’s success.”

Commenting further on Cognisium’s offering, Mr Robin Mills, Board Director said: "The intensifying disruption of incumbent business models and shift to more diverse careers and talent pools, mean companies need flexible access to top expertise. Cognisium brings the world's most capable executives to solve problems and create growth at the world's most ambitious companies. "Building our Cognisium Platform was as challenging as exciting. We are looking forward to seeing it at work and facilitating the dialogue and business opportunities between freelance executives and companies in need of top expertise” said Mr Erez Weiner, Cognisium’s Head of Software Development.

For Cognisium’s freelance executives, the platform provides an opportunity to bring their knowledge to new and exciting challenges and industries with flexible earnings and without the commitment of a full-time role, thus giving the freedom to focus on other pursuits that may have taken a second seat whilst building their careers.

Emerging flexible working arrangements, enabled by technology, have made the world a smaller place and facilitated the sharing of expert knowledge. This is a unique way of thinking for businesses and executives, and we are calling on both to re-imagine the way organisations operate in and adapt to ever changing business climate. Cognisium’s approach is to be flexible, innovative and responsive to their clients whilst giving their pool of freelance executives an outlet to share their knowledge and creativity in a new manner. About Cognisium Pty Ltd Cognisium is a market leading global technology company that builds successful business relationships. We provide timely, cost efficient connections between the world's top freelance executives and businesses in particular small to medium enterprises. Cognisium has its headquarters and support centre in Australia and a satellite office in Dubai, with its platform developed in Israel. Businesses or executives interested in accessing Cognisium platform can do so at For further information contact: Corporate and Investor Relations Cognisium Pty Ltd T: +61.8.61626040 E:

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