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In a small to medium enterprise, success often comes down to a single business decision. Access to the top-level expertise needed at critical inflection points is often too costly or requires long term commitment – but this can be the difference between stagnation and growth.
Our four founders saw this too often when providing advice, executing strategies and transforming operations at large corporations.  We saw the impact of poor business decisions and inability to adapt to changing market conditions.  Cognisium springs from that experience.

We provide a knowledge sharing community, bringing together Experts and Clients in an affordable and flexible way so that you can adapt to the ever-changing business climate.

Building a Marketplace for Consultants

Our freelance global consulting marketplace is powered by our unique technology platform, developed in Israel.  Cognisium’s HQ and support center are located in Australia, and we have a satellite office in Dubai.

For our Experts

For our freelance business consultants, the Cognisium platform enables you to bring your knowledge to new and exciting challenges and industries with flexible earnings, without the commitment of a full time role.

Our approach gives you the freedom to focus on family or pursuits that may have taken a back seat whilst working full time to build your career.

Experts do not pay any fees on Cognisium platform.

For our Clients

We built Cognisium to help enterprises access the brightest business consultants quickly, efficiently and at a competitive rate, to support their growth and aspirations.


We shift the paradigm of full time staff on the payroll to a more flexible and agile way of doing business.

Our Experts bring a strong desire to share their expertise with you and support your business through critical inflection points. And who better than you, knows where or for how long this expertise is needed?

Cognisium is more than a marketplace; it's a dynamic ecosystem where expertise meets opportunity.

How we stand out:

1. Curated Consultants: Imagine having access to a curated community of seasoned business consultants. Cognisium connects you with experts across over 30 leading industries, from energy transitions to management consulting.


2.  Interim Management: Need an interim executive to navigate critical phases? Cognisium's network includes accomplished leaders who can step in seamlessly, providing stability during transformations or challenging projects.

3. Hybrid workforce: Embrace flexibility! Cognisium helps you build a hybrid workforce. Whether it's decarbonisation, net zero initiatives, or IT solutions, we've got you covered. 

Whether you're a startup, an established enterprise, or a visionary disruptor, Cognisium invites you to explore, collaborate, and elevate your business.

Let's redefine success together!

How we stand out

Board of Directors, Investors


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dorel iosif cognisium

Dr Dorel Iosif, MAICD


Chair, Board Director, Founder

Dorel held senior executive roles with PwC, Advisian, KBR and Worley. He started his career in Israel with the Technion Institute of Technology and continued in Melbourne Australia with BHPBilliton and the University of Melbourne. He is also the Managing Partner of Lavaux Global, a global management consulting firm in the area of strategy and operations.


Dr Iosif holds a Ph.D in applied mathematics and engineering from the University of Melbourne and studied Corporate Level Strategy - Executive Program at Harvard Business School. 


Dorel is a Member of the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council, former Chairman of the Panel of Experts at the World Future Energy Summit and former non-executive Director of Houston Partnership.


He worked in Australia, USA, Europe and the Middle East.

Cognisium C shape bgc bej.jpg
dina gurguis cognisium

Dina Guirguis


General Counsel

Dina is a U.S. qualified Egyptian American attorney experienced in legal and policy roles, and has assumed numerous regional positions as in-house counsel for multinationals, managing all corporate legal areas from contracts to compliance.

She has practiced dispute resolution in construction and energy with Squire Patton Boggs in Dubai, and compliance and regulatory law at White & Case in Washington, D.C. She has assumed numerous policy roles in Washington, D.C., including as advocacy director for the Tahrir Institute for Middle East Policy (TIMEP), and as fellow at The Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP).

Dina provides legal services to international companies in the Middle East, with a focus on acquisitions, joint venture, commercial and corporate agreements, and legal due diligence.


She has authored numerous policy pieces on political and legal reform in the Middle East, and is certified in International Legislative Drafting by the International Law Institute.


She is professionally fluent in English, Arabic and French.

Cognisium C shape bgc bej.jpg
erez weiner cognisium

Erez Weiner


Chief Technology Officer

Erez is the Chief Technology Officer and Head of Software Development.

He is the coding brain behind the Cognisium Portal.

Erez is a former Manager with CheckPoint Software, an American-Israeli company and a world leader in cybersecurity.

He is a graduate in Computer Software from Ben Gurion University in Israel.

dorel iosif Cognisium

Dorel I.

Chair, Founder, Director

keith jones

Keith J.

Major Investor,


James M.

Founder, Non-Executive Director

john stocco

John S.

Founder, Non-Executive Director

honor Cognisium

Honor I.


Board Adviser, Strategic Communications

robin mills

Robin M.

FSIPA, FBrookings Inst.
Founder, Non-Executive Director

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