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  • Why is it so difficult to be approved by Cognisium as an Expert?
    Cognisium is a highly curated marketplace for management, senior management and executives. Our Experts come from a management consulting background or from one of the 30 industries present at Cognisium. We accept only a small portion of the total number of applicants. When we review a membership application, we look at the following criteria: - Resume, skills and experience. These need to be aligned with our Client requirements or with the markets and specialism of our Clients. - Your Cognisium profile. Your profile needs to be complete and comprehensive showing not only the experience (of at least 10 years prior) but also outlining your career achievements to date. The Profile also needs to be formatted so that it can be read easily by our Clients. If you just copied and pasted the content, we encourage you to briefly review and insert spaces or lines to facilitate reading. - We do not accept members without a photo or without a resume, even if the resume will not be made available to Clients (initially). - The correlation between the resume and publicly available data about Expert's professional experience - Passing a due diligence check.
  • How do I know if I was approved?
    If you are approved you will receive a "Welcome to Cognisium" email in your mailbox. Once approved your top menu will change as per picture below /Find Opportunities, /Profile, /Messages, /My Applications Due to the large volume of applications, we are unable to provide individual feedback to those experts who were not approved on our Platform. If you are not approved, you will not receive a "Welcome to Cognisium" email.
  • Am I automatically approved and do you stick with your 24 hrs approval?
    To speed up approval, please provide a genuine email address, correct phone contacts as well as a detailed resume. Please also upload a genuine photo. We may give you a call to touch base before approval but this occurs only in around 50% of the cases. Otherwise the approval process should not take more than 24 hrs.
  • How detailed should my profile be?
    We recommend that your profile is as detailed as possible since your uploaded resume document will not be visible to Clients (the resume is only used for validation purposes and approval). You may consider listing your most recent experience going back 10 years or more. It is a matter of preference. On the registration form, the “Overview” and “Experience” sections should capture as much information as possible.
  • Can I change my profile details?
    Yes, you can go to Profile in your member’s menu and click "Edit". You can also upload a new photo and add Industries and Functional Skills for better representation. All these data are visible to Clients. In terms of identity, please note that initially the Client sees your First Name and only the initial of your Surname. It is up to you to provide further details to the Client as you see fit as part of the hiring process.
  • Can I choose a different rate?
    During the registration process you can choose between four rates available: USD 1000/day, USD 1400/day, USD 1800/day and USD 2200/day. You can also go into your Profile from the top menu, press Edit and you will be able to change the rate.
  • What do I do after I send an Application?
    The owner of the job Brief (the Client) will get in touch with you via the Messenger once they have viewed your Profile. So, please keep an eye on the Messenger. You will also be notified by email once the Client has initiated a conversation.
  • What do I do after I am hired and how do I upload invoices?
    When one of our Clients hires you, you will receive an acknowledgment via email. To confirm hire, on your member’s menu, go to: My Applications/Hired then click on the applicable job Brief or View Brief and click “Confirm hire”. At the completion of the work (or at the completion of a certain stage of the work) you need to invoice the Client. To do that you will upload your invoice in the relevant section of the job Brief. Once uploaded, Cognisium will produce the final invoice (incl. Cognisium fee) for the Client who receives it automatically. As soon as the Client makes the payment to us, we will pay your invoice promptly. Please note that Cognisium will not charge you (the Expert) any fees. To upload your invoice go to: My Applications/Hired/My Hired Briefs/View More. You can name your invoices (“final invoice by: “or “partial invoice for the period of: “ , etc) so that it is clear for us the period you invoiced for.
  • How do I close my account?
    In order to close your account you will need to send a request to asking for your account to be deleted. The request must come from the same email address that was used to open your account. Once the request is received, your account and all info associated with your account will be deleted and we will confirm that via return email.
  • Can I get approved without a Brief?
    You can only join our platform with a genuine Brief request. Please also review sections 3 and 4 of our Client T&Cs here. If you did not have a Brief ready during the registration process, please register without a Brief and then we will send you a link to upload your Brief when ready. The final approval (and access to the members' area) will come once your Brief has been received.
  • Can I join with an email address different from the one at my employer?
    You can only join with an email address that reflects your employer domain name. In doing so, we are preventing executive search companies from joining Cognisium and hassle or recruit our experts using our platform.
  • Once I was approved, does it mean that my job Brief was also approved?"
    In general, we only approve Clients with a valid and genuine Brief. Once you are approved, we will approve your job Brief within minutes.
  • I need to create an additional job Brief request. How do I do that?
    Please log in to your account and click “My Briefs” button on the menu. From there you will be taken to your briefs page where you can use “New Brief” button located at the top of your page to create a new job brief.
  • Is my New Brief approved automatically?
    Your New Brief will be approved once it has been reviewed by us. Please note that once submitted, you will not be able to edit the New Brief. If new additions are required, please email us at Support quoting your first name, login email address and phone number for verification purposes and we will be happy to update it for you.
  • How do I find suitable experts?
    Please login, then go to Find Experts. You can View the applicant and Invite him/her to apply to one of your job briefs using the Invite button. Once you uploaded your Job or Project Brief, our matching algorithm will send you a list of suitable candidates within the next 24 to 48 hours. The algorithm will also alert most suitable candidates to apply.
  • What do I do after I receive an application?
    Please login, go to My Briefs, click “View More” on your Brief and scroll down to view Applicant. From here, you can send a message and start to engage with the applicant. If the applicant is suitable for the role, click Hire. Please also review section 5 of our Client T&Cs ("The Buying Procedure") found on our website here.
  • How do I know when the Expert invoiced me?
    You will automatically receive an email as soon as an invoice has been uploaded onto the platform. Please login, go to My Briefs, and click “View More” on your Brief (you may have more than one Brief). At the top of your Brief you will see the Expert’s name and the invoice under the “Submitted Invoices” section. This invoice will contain: - the Expert's charge - our fee. Please click on the applicable invoice to download it. Once Cognisium received payment from you, we shall pay the Expert promptly. If you expect an invoice and the Expert has not uploaded one, you can use “Send Message” located at the top of your job Brief asking for the invoice to be uploaded. Please also review section 5 of our Client T&Cs (“The Buying Procedure”) found on our website here.

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