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Working every day in the interest of enriching our clients' and experts' business and lives, reflects our commitment, guides our actions and gives meaning to our strategy.


Reason to exist

For many smaller, less capitalised businesses, access to the top-level executive expertise a company needs at critical inflection points can often be too time consuming and costly.

Meanwhile each year, a considerable number of executives leave their companies worldwide. Relatively secure financially, many of them prefer to consult and enjoy a lifestyle away from full time work. We bring these businesses and experts together to unlock possibilities, drive innovation and implement change.

Value proposition

Via Cognisium you can now access a wide pool of executives and senior executives with deep domain expertise without the need of a full time commitment.

They come on-board to work side by side with your team, share know-how, build, augment, coach or guide you where and when necessary.


Reason to exist

Value proposition

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Mr Ravi Chaudhry

Chairman CeNext Consulting Group, New Delhi

Fmr. Chairman and CEO, Tata Group  Companies 1984 - 1994. 

Author of Quest for Exceptional Leadership: Mirage to Reality 

Cognisium offers a unique business proposition for SMEs, a distinctive high-end "Uber-ization" to connect those who need advice - with those who can offer that advice. Enabling access to rich, relevant expertise is a great scalable model; I potentially see it benefiting all those who participate in this endeavour.

John Curtin Institute for Public Policy

Dr Dorel Iosif, Cognisium Founder and Board Director talking about "Talent On-Demand Marketplaces".


Facilitator/Introduction by: Prof. John Phillimore, JCIPP


Featured Experts


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United Kingdom

CEO - Atkins Energy 

Executive Vice President - SNC Lavalin Resources

Co-Chair - UK Energy Research Partnership

Trustee - Royal Academy of Engineering 



Corporate Communications Leader – Arrow Energy

Head of Marketing and Communications APAC – ABB

Change Manager - Advisian

Global Manager Marketing- Worley

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Government Communication & Excellence Manager - ETIHAD Aviation
Government Communication - Ministry of Economy

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Cognisium creates a unique way of thinking for businesses and executives, calling on both to re-imagine the way organisations operate in and adapt to ever changing business climate.

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CEO to CEO-2, ExCom, Managing Director, Managing Partners, Non-executive Directors, Lead Partners, Directors, Partners, General Managers, Snr./Vice Presidents, Managers.

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