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Hire unmatched expertise, and build your hybrid workforce. Private Listing available for full privacy.

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  • Invite suitable candidates to review and apply to the role.

  • Chat with Experts via Cognisium Messenger and share documents live.

  • Cognisium will source the most suitable Experts on your behalf in less than 48 hours.

  • All Experts are able to view and apply to the role or project (for Published Brief)

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“We have found Cognisium professional, fast and supportive of our business. The ease of access to professional talent supported by Cognisium, and the amazing quality of Cognisium’s Experts, truly accelerated our start-up journey.”
CEO, Green Gravity Pty Ltd  - Australia

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Cognisium provides you with access to local and global experts from 30 leading industries.

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Explore Some Of Our 30 Industries

Ravi Chaudhary - CeNext Consulting Group

Mr Ravi Chaudhry

Fmr. Chairman and CEO, Tata Group  Companies 1984 - 1994. 

Author of Quest for Exceptional Leadership: Mirage to Reality 

Chairman CeNext Consulting Group, New Delhi

Cognisium offers a unique business proposition for SMEs, a distinctive high-end "Uber-ization" to connect those who need advice - with those who can offer that advice. Enabling access to rich, relevant expertise is a great scalable model; I potentially see it benefiting all those who participate in this endeavour.
robbie cognisium

Cognisium Expert - Robbie

About Us

ziad cognisium

Cognisium Expert - Ziad

Value Proposition

Via Cognisium you can now access a wide pool of management and business consultants, C-level advisors and executives with deep domain expertise without the need of a full time commitment.

Our experts are keen to support your business through most critical, challenging or transformative phases.
They come on-board to work side by side, apply and share know-how, build, augment, coach or guide you where and when necessary.

martin cognisium

Cognisium Expert - Martin

Our Mission

Working every day in the interest of enriching our clients' and experts' business and lives, reflects our commitment, guides our actions and gives meaning to our strategy.

Welcome to Cognisium

We are a leading marketplace for
Management Consultants,
Freelance Executives, and
Digital, IT and Development Experts.

Jennifer - a corporate marketing consultant



  • VP Marketing Asia Pacific- SAP

  • Global Marketing Director - Unisys Corpor.

  • External Communications Manager - IBM

For Business Clients


Cognisium Expert - Sonia


We inspire companies to re-imagine their business.


Management Consulting

Business Operations


  • Business Improvement

  • Cost Reduction, BPO

  • Ops Planning, Procurement

  • Supply Chain

  • PMI, Ops Excellence

  • Optimisation, Innovation

Business Strategy


  • Corporate, Business Unit

  • Functional

  • Digital, CRM and Data

  • Technology, Transformation

  • Social Media, Customer, Product

Technology & Digital


  • Data Analytics, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS

  • Data Science, Blockchain

  • IT Risk, Cybersecurity

  • Cloud and IIOT, Infrastructure

Project Management


  • Major Projects

  • PMO, Resource Management

  • Estimation, Risk, Scheduling

  • Reporting, Communications

Sales and Marketing


  • Brand, CRM, Content

  • Strategy, Analysis, Public Relations

  • Social Media, SEO Strategy

  • Research

Enterprise Finance


  • Due Diligence, Actuarial, Audit

  • CFO Advisory, Forecasting, PMI

  • M&A, Tax, IPO

  • Valuations, Compliance, Analysis

- Expert Daily Fees -
$1,000 - $2,200
For Business Clients
cognisium consulting

Digital, IT and Development


  • Full Stack

  • Front End, Back End

  • Cross-Platform App Development

  • Data Analytics & Machine Learning

  • Data Exchange APIs

  • Visualization / Business Intelligence

  • Blockchain / Cryptocurrencies

  • Cybersecurity

  • Cloud Computing

  • Web & Mobile Development

  • Container Management Software

  • DevOps

  • Software Testing

  • SaaS, PaaS, IaaS

  • Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)

- Expert Hourly Fees -
$50 - $200
For Business Clients
cognisium digital


To find work
For Business Clients

Digital, IT & Development.

Need  to develop a complex software product, web or mobile application, or complex custom code? Our experts will make it happen.

- Expert Hourly Fees -
$50 - $200
cognisium digital

Access a curated community of top independent business consultants in strategy, operations, project management, finance and marketing.

For Business Clients

Management Consultants
& Freelance Executives.

- Expert Daily Fees -
$1,000 - $2,200
Cognisium Management consultants
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