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Cognisium launches Private Listing service for its clients.

March 1st, 2022

PERTH (Australia) - Cognisium is excited to announce the launch of a new service for its business clients worldwide.

The newly created Private Listing mode, ensures that clients are now able to list their available roles or projects while maintaining initial privacy.

This complements the current set of services whereby, clients list available assignments and make them visible to all Cognisium experts.

Business clients who wish to take the Private Listing avenue will still be able to search, filter or browse the entire database of available experts, and invite the most suitable candidates to apply to the role.

Furthermore, Cognisium’s matching algorithm will alert and invite the right candidates to apply to the role within 24 hours of its private listing.

Commenting on this new service, Dr Dorel Iosif CEO and Board Director said: “We are responding to the natural movements and structural changes in the way freelance executives and senior professionals are engaged by our clients. I am excited to see this new service at work which now places us, to my knowledge, as the only global marketplace with a mixed expert deployment model”

This option will be available to all clients that register their business with Cognisium as of March 1st, 2022. The Private Listing registration process, browsing and expert search remain free of charge.

About Cognisium Pty Ltd

Cognisium is a market leading, talent on-demand global technology company that builds successful business relationships.

We are a marketplace for freelance independent consultants at executive and senior professional level. Cognisium is headquartered in Australia with a satellite office in Dubai and the technology development centre located in Israel.

Businesses or executives interested in accessing Cognisium’s platform can do so at

For further information contact:

Corporate and Investor Relations

Cognisium Pty Ltd

T: +61.8.61626040

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