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Cognisium Joins Valtus Alliance

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 Press release 15.05.2024

Melbourne, AUSTRALIA –  Cognisium has been a leading marketplace for Business Consulting and Executive Interim Management since 2020.


The Executive Interim Management industry is growing 10-15% every year supported by strong underlying trends. The global market is worth more than €8 billion. To accelerate our international growth and take part in the development of this high-potential industry, Cognisium is joining Valtus Alliance today.


Valtus Alliance™ is an international network of leading Executive Interim Management companies, working together with common standards of excellence to handle complex situations worldwide.


With a turnover of €130M and permanent offices in 17 countries, Valtus Alliance is now able to implement customized operational management solutions in: Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, India, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, Japan, and Australia.


Thanks to its global network of +60,000 interim managers, Valtus Alliance can quickly and efficiently find the right executive for an assignment anywhere in the world.


“Valtus Alliance ensures our clients with the same level of quality, engagement, and performance from Brazil to Singapore and from Stockholm to India. Companies need flexibility, leadership, and the right skills, at the right time to solve complex challenges. Our well-trained executives can step in to develop, restructure, or conduct a turnaround in any type of company, either in big groups, SMEs, or even start-ups.” Aymeric Bas, Managing Partner International & CRO at Valtus.


“We are delighted to deliver high-value services to our clients locally and globally. By joining Valtus Alliance, we are growing our business opportunities and continue our expansion into new international markets more aggressively. Organisations need flexibility, agility, the right leadership, and skills to address specific complex challenges. Valtus Alliance offers solutions that meet these needs anywhere in the world. We are committed to staying at the forefront of developing the executive interim management industry.” Dr Dorel Iosif, Chairman Cognisium.


Valtus Alliance Members

Valtus, France

Management Factory, Austria

Nordic Interim, Sweden

Nordic Interim, Norway

Valpeo, Belgium

Valpeo, Netherlands

Duke&Kay, Italy

Radialis, Singapore

Valtus, UK

Nordic Interim, Finland

Nexus Interim, Denmark

Telos Transition, Brazil

Valtus, Deutschland

Noble House, India

Epunto Interim Management, Spain

Clareza Partners, Japan

Cognisium, Australia


About Cognisium

Cognisium is a leading, talent on-demand global technology company that builds successful business relationships. We are a marketplace for independent business consultants and executive interim management experts. 


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