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Cognisium launches new Digital, IT and Development expert services.

April 11, 2023

MELBOURNE (Australia) - Cognisium is excited to announce the launch of a new service offering for its business clients worldwide.

The newly created Digital, IT and Development service line, follows in the footsteps of Cognisium’s well-established Management Consulting offering, and provides expertise in areas such as:

  • Full Stack Development, Front End, Back End

  • System Architecture

  • DevOps

  • Mobile and Web Development

  • CMS, Cloud Computing

  • Data Exchange APIs

  • Blockchain / Cryptocurrencies

  • Cybersecurity

  • Integrated Development Environments (IDEs)

  • Software Testing

  • UX/UI Development

  • Data Analytics & Machine Learning

  • Cross-Platform App Development

Commenting on this new service, Cognisium’s Chairperson Dr Dorel Iosif said:

“At Cognisium, we are excited to expand our services into digital technologies and development. We are creating a new offering and assembling a strong team of global experts to support its deployment. In doing so, we are presenting new solutions to our clients and new opportunities for our experts, which returns more value to our shareholders.”

Emerging flexible working arrangements, enabled by technology, have made the world a smaller place and facilitated the sharing of expert knowledge. This is a unique way of thinking for businesses and freelance experts, and we are calling on both to re-imagine the way organisations operate in and adapt to ever changing business climate.

Cognisium’s approach is to be flexible, innovative, and responsive to our clients whilst giving our pool of freelancers an outlet to share their knowledge and creativity in a new and exciting manner.

About Cognisium Pty Ltd

Cognisium is a market leading, talent on-demand global technology company that builds successful business relationships.

We are a marketplace for independent business consultants and digital, IT and development experts. Cognisium is headquartered in Australia with a satellite office in Dubai and the technology centre located in Israel.

Businesses or freelancers interested in accessing Cognisium’s platform can do so at

For further information contact:

Corporate and Investor Relations

Cognisium Pty Ltd

T: +61.3.90415537

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