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Cognisium partners with the University of Toronto in the first ever study on freelancing.

by Dr Dorel Iosif,

Board Director, Cognisium

On behalf of the Cognisium Board of Directors, I am excited to announce the participation of Cognisium in collaboration with the University of Toronto, in the first ever research study on freelancing and expertise on demand.

We look forward to this project that will be led by Dr Gerald Cupchik, professor of psychology from the University of Toronto and Dr Jon Younger, UoT alumnus and a recognized authority in the freelance industry. The survey is meant to be answered anonymously and your responses will be treated with respect and confidentiality. A copy of the Consent Form appears on the survey site. When respondents proceed from the Consent Form to the survey, any identifying information is lost. You can also simply exit the survey at any time and the data will not be kept for analysis with the total sample. It shouldn’t take more than 15-20 minutes to complete the survey. You should be able to complete the survey on any of your devices. If there is a problem, please get back to us. Thanks once again for taking the time to complete the survey and being part of the first truly global survey on freelancers’ experience.

About Cognisium Pty Ltd Cognisium is a market leading global technology company that builds successful business relationships. We provide timely, cost efficient connections between the world's top freelance executives and businesses in particular small to medium enterprises. Cognisium has its headquarters and support centre in Australia and a satellite office in Dubai, with its platform developed in Israel. Businesses or executives interested in accessing Cognisium platform can do so at For further information contact: Corporate and Investor Relations Cognisium Pty Ltd T: +61.8.61626040 E:

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