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Coaching Is A Rapidly Expanding Opportunity.

Let’s talk about growth opportunities for coaching in the freelance revolution. The pandemic has clearly accelerated increased interest in both providing coaching and being coached, and by easy access to coaches online.

As a result, the range of coaching services has increased substantially. There are more types of coaching than ever before, made possible by technology, encouraged by the Covid-19 pandemic, and brought to the market by a generation of innovators.


CEO and investment coaching.

Cognisium, a recent Australian startup founded by Dorel Iosif, provides similar access to senior executive coaches to the C suite of SMBs.

We are delighted to be mentioned in Forbes Magazine in an article by Dr Jon Younger.

Please follow the link to read the full article:

About Cognisium Pty Ltd Cognisium is a market leading talent on-demand global technology company that builds successful business relationships. We provide timely, cost efficient connections between the world's top freelance executives and businesses in particular small to medium enterprises. Cognisium has its headquarters and support centre in Australia and a satellite office in Dubai, with its platform developed in Israel. Businesses or executives interested in accessing Cognisium platform can do so at For further information contact: Corporate and Investor Relations Cognisium Pty Ltd T: +61.8.61626040 E:

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