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Advisory Boards: State of the Market 2023.

Cognisium, in partnership with the Advisory Board Centre are delighted to host this upcoming virtual event on the Advisory Board Sector and the recently released 2023 State of the Market Report.

The wave of continual growth in advisory boards has left a new high-water mark. The surging use of these problem solving/thinking systems is supporting leaders to carefully navigate the future and consider how decisions are being made.

Gain insights into why advisory boards are the hot new trend in business and governance today. See the trends in the global advisory board sector with the newly released 2023 State of the Market Report. Produced bi-annually by the Global Research Council, it provides new insight into the rise of this rapidly evolving sector, including:

  • What are “Advisory Boards” and their value proposition?

  • How do they differ from listed and non-listed Boards?

  • Results of a longitudinal business study from 2018 – 2023 and advisory board growth trends

  • International mapping of leaders in the advisory board profession - Advisory Board membership and a “portfolio career”

  • Case study impact analysis – where advisory boards are adding value and where they fail

  • Analysis of the stakeholder economy driving growth in corporatized advisory boards

The report is important and of value to many interest groups including advisory board practitioners, consultants, business leaders, governance board directors and government stakeholders.

This is an opportunity to explore the report findings, learn more about the sector and ask questions directly to Director and Chair of the Advisory Board Centre, Udo Doring, as well as General Manager of Advisory Talent, Brendan Logue. It will also enable a practical discussion about how these findings may impact roles and businesses, whether that be in opportunity creation or otherwise.

To join the session, a zoom link will be provided within the confirmation email upon registration.

Register here.

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