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The management consulting landscape changed considerably over the past ten years. The rise of “boutique” firms and consulting marketplaces like Cognisium, comes at a time when the management consulting industry faces multiple challenges such:

  • Changing client behaviours

  • Rapid fire of technology changes

  • Profitability

  • Project agility

  • Cybersecurity

  • Fixed fees with greater transparency costs.

Breaking with the past, big firms can no longer claim monopoly over specialised knowledge such as business strategy frameworks, operations consulting and organizational transformation.

The use of freelance management consultants and executives, offers clients a wider and deeper pool of expertise, higher flexibility and a reasonable cost-to-expertise ratio.


Cognisium consulting marketplace offers you Big4 expertise at a fraction of the price. Our management consultanting experts have worked with some of the most highly regarded consultancies such as PwC, Deloitte, McKinsey, Bain or Accenture to name just a few.

Our  Top Level Managemet Consulting experts

Over 1,500 top level Management Consulting Experts are waiting for you inside

circles Cognisium
Ziad  is a management consulting expert
  • Board Advisor - MIT Technology Accelerator

  • Chief Executive Officer - Miral Holding

  • S.Project Manager BD Investments – Mubadala UAE
    Lead Engagement Manager - Strategy



Business Meeting

The Future of the Management Consulting Industry.

Management consulting has evolved and shifted along with the contemporary business environment over the years. Consultancies have played major roles in providing industry-leading counsel and advice on the operations, strategy, and governance of some of the world’s leading companies.


Although management consulting originated from the humble beginnings of simple business organising and management, the field has grown into a powerhouse industry with a firm hand in every sector around the world. Despite the major transformation within the industry in the ‘80s due to the expansion into the Information Technology sector, some of the biggest changes are yet to come.


With the rise of data analytics and artificial intelligence, the future of management consulting is destined for a massive upgrade.

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