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As the world’s economies return to some sort of normality, the global energy-related CO2 emissions are set to rebound and reach 33 Gt by the end of 2021.

There is however, a broad consensus that the world needs to cut carbon emissions in a manner that is consistent with the goal of reaching net zero emissions by mid century. The work needs to start now and includes:

  • Accelerating the phase-out of coal,

  • Curtailing deforestation,

  • Speeding up the switch to electric vehicles, and

  • Encouraging investments in renewables.

Whatever the task, the Energy Transitions' experts at Cognisium are here to work with you on future strategic plans and operational efficiencies toward a cleaner future.


Our  Top Level Energy Transitions' experts 

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Martin energy expert cognisium
  • CEO - Atkins Energy 

  • Executive Vice President - SNC Lavalin Resources

  • Co-Chair - UK Energy Research Partnership

  • Trustee - Royal Academy of Engineering 


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