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Energy Transitions

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As the world’s economies return to some sort of normality, the global energy-related CO2 emissions are set to rebound in 2022. The global CO2 emissions from burning fossil fuel are set to rise to 37.5Gt and a further 4Gt will come from the uses of land and deforestation.

There is however, a broad consensus that the world needs to cut carbon emissions in a manner that is consistent with the goal of reaching net zero emissions by mid century. The work needs to start now and includes:

  • Accelerating the phase-out of coal,

  • Curtailing deforestation,

  • Speeding up the switch to electric vehicles, and

  • Encouraging investments in renewables.

Whatever the task, the Energy Transitions' experts at Cognisium are here to work with you on future strategic plans and operational efficiencies toward a cleaner future.

Read our CEO's article in illuminem titled "The Inordinate Injustice. Can COP27 Live Up To Its Mission?

Our  Top Level Energy Transitions' experts 

Over 1,500 top level Energy Experts such as Martin, are waiting for you inside

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Martin - an energy transitions expert
  • CEO - Atkins Energy 

  • Executive Vice President - SNC Lavalin Resources

  • Co-Chair - UK Energy Research Partnership

  • Trustee - Royal Academy of Engineering 


United Kingdom


The Role of Technology in the Energy Transition.

The energy transition is a changing tide for the world, one that is based on the abandonment of fossil fuels and replacing their use with renewable and low-carbon alternatives. The driving force for this change is emerging technology innovations, with a focus on combating both the spread and effects of climate change.


What are these emergent technologies and what exactly is the role that technology plays in energy transitions?

History of Transformative Technology

Before we can start talking about the future of technology in a widespread capacity, we must first look at the history of some of these advancements to see that the technologies that will lead the world into low-carbon energy have been around for decades.

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