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While maintaining an agile approach to business is standard in the technology sector, the huge pivots needed to stay afloat over the past couple of years have tested even the biggest players such as Nvidia, IBM or Microsoft.

Additionally, their clients demand easy-to-implement technologies that can be used to speed up their own digital transformations at business unit and enterprise level across geographical and sector boundaries, including data regulation and management of user information.

Breaking with the past, technology companies are scanning the periphery of their own ecosystems in search for innovation, turning solutions into business models.

By recognising that data in themselves do not yield competitive advantage, tech companies and their clients look at innovative ways to extract, synthesise and action intelligent decisions across the entire business continuum.


Cognisium experts are here to help you develop advanced solutions and a cogent offering including data management, SaaS/PaaS business models, cybersecurity and IOT/IIOT frameworks, to name just a few.

Our  Top Level Technology Consultants 

Over 1,200 top level Technology Experts like Jennifer and Tessa, are waiting for you inside

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jennifer technology expert cognisium
  • VP Marketing Asia Pacific- SAP

  • Global Marketing Director - Unisys Corpor.

  • External Communications Manager - IBM



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Tessa is an Expert
  • Director Desktop Applications - Charter Communications

  • SAP eWM Program Leader - Amtrak

  • SAP Program Team Lead - Anheuser-Busch

  • Project Data Lead - Pepsi Americas


United States


The Transformation of the Global Technology Sector.

The United Kingdom is far ahead of the rest of the world regarding technological advancement. According to the World Economic Forum's 2019 Global Competitive Index, the country's competitive advantage stems from its business dynamism, strong institutional pillars, funding mechanisms, and a vibrant innovation ecosystem.


Since the post-World War II industrial revolution, competitiveness has been fuelled by innovation, a defining feature of the UK's competitiveness.


Countries that are pioneers in developing cutting-edge technologies, prescriptive analytics, blockchain technologies, digital twins, and fully utilizing their digital economies' productive capacity can achieve a strategic competitive advantage.

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