The Evolution and Transformation of the Services Sector.

The modern market has evolved and transformed in many different ways to become increasingly digital. Technology has been at the centre of this change with computers, software, and the internet paving the way for digitalisation to impact every industry across the global market. These technologies have empowered businesses to transform to be more efficient whilst also growing and expanding to new customers around the world.

The impact of digitalisation has truly transformed how businesses work internally as well as how they operate and interact with other businesses and customers within the market. These advancements span solutions to help the service industry handle operations, marketing, as well as facilitate the essential growth needed to be sustainable and competitive in the digital market over the long term.

Although technology is deeply intertwined within many industries around the globe today, here are some of the ways technology has impacted and helped transform the modern service industry.


The hospitality industry has experienced much change through the advancements of technology. These evolutions include how the hospitality industry operates internally as well as externally with its customers and the market.

Internally, the internet, as well as software-based solutions, have transformed the way the hospitality industry tracks all its internal operations. This has also had an impact on the way customers can search for and make bookings online.


Travelling has never been easier. In addition to being able to book flights, train rides, and bus tickets online in the palm of your hand, technology has enabled customers to opt for digital ticketing systems.

Major airlines and travel companies have dedicated resources in creating mobile applications and websites to help streamline their processes for the most seamless consumer experience. In addition to this, the modern travel industry utilises consumer data to dynamically market products and services to different customers for the best possible results.


Technology has had a massive impact on the transportation industry over the last few decades. Much of the technological advancements have been linked to the internet and network-based innovations. One of the most notable advancements within the industry is that of mobile ride-sharing services such as Uber and Lyft.

These innovations are possible solely because of the technological advancements in cloud computing, mobile app development, and the internet.


The internet has provided the platform for much change and evolution to occur within the media industry. From media content being distributed online to entirely online networks such as Netflix, the internet has served as a new way to publish media.

The technological and digital media industry is rapidly challenging traditional media by allowing everyone to publish content onto platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, and others. Technology has allowed newer generations to take over mainstream media by having an impact on media houses and even advertising agencies.