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The diversity of the services industry means it faces varied challenges. While transportation, supply chain and some forms of retail have been impacted by global lockdowns and a drop in discretionary spending, essential retail, healthcare, and associated services have seen a boom in demand over the past two years.

Notwithstanding, the services industry faces many of the same challenges as before, including the pressure to find and retain top talent.

With the COVID pandemic bringing the hybrid workforce and flexible work arrangements to the mainstream, services industry businesses everywhere are looking at incentives that they can offer to help attract both full-time workers as well as freelance consultants.

For businesses that weren’t already adapting to a digital way of working, the past two years have been a wake-up call that has ushered in massive change.


Cognisium experts have a wealth of expertise in delivering outcomes in rapidly changing sectors within the services industry and are here to help you.


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laurent services expert cognisium
  • CFO - Louis Vuitton S.America 

  • Finance Manager - Toyota Corporation Australia

  • Commercial Analyst - Amcor