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Cognisium Clients - Promotion

Entry Information

This promotion is made available to businesses who submit an entry by January 15, 2022 via the form below, subject to the following conditions:


1.) The Client Company must be a registered business,

2.) The Client's First and Last Names in the form below must be of a Company employee,

3.) The email address must be the business email address eg.,

4.) The winners will be announced on January 20, 2022.

5.)  If a winner, the Client must upload at least three roles within one month following the win.


The free lifetime membership  allows the Client to post/upload an unlimited number of roles and acquire expertise at zero commission until such time that any of the following events occurs: Cognisium Pty Ltd stopped trading, ceased to exist, has been acquired or merged with another business.

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Client Promotion Entry Form

Thanks for submitting your entry!