Dr Dorel Iosif at the invitation of John Curtin Institute for Public Policy.

The “expertise on-demand” marketplaces. What do you need for a successful blended workforce strategy


PERTH (Australia) – On March 19, 2021, our CEO and Board Director Dr Dorel Iosif held a talk at the invitation of the John Curtin Institute for Public Policy titled

The “expertise on-demand” marketplaces. What do you need for successful blended workforce strategy

You can now download the presentation that accompanied the talk from the link below:

Webinar Talent On-Demand D Iosif (web)
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Listen to the webinar by accessing the video below. The introduction is made by Prof. John Phillimore, Executive Director of John Curtin Institute for Public Policy.


In open economies, businesses are dependent on and influenced by random events taking place in outside arenas. It is a statistical reality that the best ideas lie usually outside the company. Therefore, if businesses wish to remain relevant in the current high velocity environment, they need to re-imagine how to strategically engage with the right skills, to do the right work at the right time in a consistent and frequent manner. This requires a change in culture and philosophy by adopting a “blended workforce mindset” to deal with digital and talent transformation.

In recent years, the talent on-demand ecosystem has evolved substantially. Three main types of platforms emerged to fill the gap; these are: marketplaces for premium talent (Toptal, Catalant, Cogn