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One of the biggest challenges facing manufacturing businesses today are issues related to the supply chain, the need for re-shoring and the ability to retain and retrain skilled workforce.

With the pandemic slowing production in China and much of Asia, businesses reliant on offshore production are still feeling the effects of lockdowns over the past two years. COVID related restrictions and density limits on workers means automation in the industry is increasing faster than ever. Shipping, too, continues to face delays with no signs of abating.

Over the past decade, the manufacturing industry is making the transition from growth to capital discipline. Hence, the need for digital solutions such as ERP systems, inventory management software and enterprise optimisation via prescriptive analytics – are just a few technology innovations that will help manufacturing companies deliver better outcomes and products.


Cognisium experts have extensive experience in the manufacturing sector and they can help you navigate the challenges this industry is facing.


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  • Chief Financial Officer EMEA – Culligan

  • Manager Planning and Control – Pininfarina srl

  • Corporate Controller –Gesco Fiat