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Here is how it works

In designing the Cognisium experience, we aimed for simplicity and effectiveness.

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For Experts

 We believe that a great relationship with our experts redounds to our success as a company.

Cognisium welcomes you and we look forward to a long lasting relationship. 


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Get paid


1.  Register

Register and create a profile

Register via the platform,
Create profile and choose your preferred rate,
Wait for validation,
Profile is active.

3. Deliver


Engage with the client via our Messenger,
Agree on the terms of the engagement,
Start working.


The power of the Cognisium brand relies on the quality of the work delivered by our experts that matches our clients' expectations.
Our experts take pride in flawless delivery.

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2. Search and apply


Search for available engagements by: country, duration, rate, functional skills, industry.


Once you identified an opportunity, apply,
Our clients will contact you once they have reviewed your profile.

Be discovered

Be discovered by our clients and,
Get invited to apply.

4. Get paid

Easy payment process

The client pays you directly, no middle man,

No Fees: At Cognisium we do not charge our experts any fees.

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Join us so that our Clients can reach you for their new projects.

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For  Clients

Simple and efficient process that provides you with the best fit for your assignment.


Post assignment brief

Select candidate
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Complete process


1. Register

Simple registration process

Register with your company email address,

Wait for validation,

Once validation is received, your account is active.

3. Select candidate

Engage with experts

View experts profiles,

Engage with experts via our platform using the Messenger,

Agree on the terms of the engagement,

Experts start working.

2. Post assignment

Assignment brief

Describes the scope of work, duration and expectations,
Choose from two daily rates,
Post and wait for proposals,
Meantime you can also invite experts whom you identified via the platform.

Personalised search

For engagements of six months or over, Cognisium will conduct a personalised search to identify the right person.

4. Complete the process

Easy invoicing

Provide feedback to our experts.
Provide feedback to Cognisium.

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Find the best expert to help you with your project.