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Our experts are carefully selected, to provide you with an unparalleled quality of service.

Cognisium hosts the world's top management consulting Experts.

Our Top Energy Experts 

42 countries



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Our  Top Level Energy Transitions' Experts 

Over 200 Energy Experts such as Martin, are waiting for you inside

Martin energy expert cognisium
  • CEO - Atkins Energy 

  • Executive Vice President - SNC Lavalin Resources

  • Co-Chair - UK Energy Research Partnership

  • Trustee - Royal Academy of Engineering 


United Kingdom

Why Cognisium?


Our Experts are examined thoroughly by our staff.


We are committed to making sure, that the experts joining our platform possess the highest level of experience and skills, to provide you with the best quality of service.


Our team is fully committed to helping you find the right Expert.

We will be here to:

  • support you throughout the entire process

  • provide you with suggestions regarding suitable experts

  • invite suitable experts to read your Brief and apply for the role

  • and assist you with any questions you may have

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